About Us

Leading fabricators and wholesalers of sheet metal, trusted since 1946.

Welcome to Pratt Sheet Metal. 

We are a custom manufacturing shop as well as an HVAC shop, sheet metal sales depot and our newest addition is the sales of metal roofing. Our services include CNC Plasma cutting using our MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Fabrication machine, forming with CNC Hydraulic and Mechanical presses, Shear Cutting, Punching by tool, Welding – TIG, MIG and resistance (spot weld), Rolling, Cut to length/size & levelling, Prototype for small to medium production.

We are also distributors of: Ductmate, DuroDyne, Westman Steel, Agway, Imperial Mfg, Don Park-Commercial, Ventex, EH Price.

Our property boasts a 25,000 sq.ft. shop that includes a warehouse, manufacturing area and a loading bay. 

We deal with the Automotive industry, Weld shops, Contractors & sub-contractors, small Businesses to large Corporations and the general public. Entering the 21st century we are still a family run business that offers personal service that only a small business can offer but with the capabilities and inventory of a large business.